Prem Power Construction (Pvt.) Ltd. (PPCL) came into existence on 1st April 1999 by conversion of Prem Construction Company into a limited company by taking over all the Assets and Liabilities of PCC. PPCL is a professionally managed organisation, run by committed Engineers and Professionals. It has a bright track record of executing Transmission Line works in all parts of India, Bhutan and Nepal. The varied nature of specialised jobs executed so far has generated tremendous confidence amongst us to accept any challenge in the field of Power Transmission and Distribution. PCC commenced its activities in 1991 in a humble way as a Foundation subcontractor and grew progressively in all the spheres, i.e. Survey, Civil Works, Tower Erection, Stringing and Commissioning of the Transmission line as Prime Contractor.

Over a period of time, the company has executed many a prestigious jobs in highly difficult and inaccessible terrain in different regions. PPCL has shown its mettle by executing works in the Himalayas, the Western Hills, coastal areas, the plains, and in the densely populated areas in Metros of Delhi and Bombay initially as a subcontractor and later on as a Prime Contractor. PPCL has acquired experience in the execution of difficult jobs, even "Hot Line stringing upto 220 KV" and Stringing of 400 KV lines in Hilly terrain. PPCL has executed a number of jobs on Turnkey Basis as a Prime Contractor.

PPCL is presently executing International projects in Nepal and Bhutan obtained against stiff International Competition. Nepalese contract is being executed as an associate of a Spanish Company. PPCL has successfully executed replacement of Steel Earthwire with Optical Fibre Ground wire under live conditions. We are getting repeat orders from the Customer.

PPCL's contribution and growth has been quite significant over the years. Our services have been well received and acknowledged by our clients all over the country by giving us repeated orders. The foresight of our founders, contribution by a dedicated team of Professionals and adoption of latest technical know-how are the major factors responsible for stupendous achievements, success and growth of PPCL. PPCL is fully equipped to carry out Electrification works of Towns, Colonies and Villages. We have expertise in erection of Distribution lines on Poles, underground cables and Substations and live line stringing of second circuit of double circuit line and replacement of Steel Earthwire with OPGW.

Execution of all projects is undertaken in a co-ordinated manner with the aim to always maintain highest standards of Quality.

PPCL has the requisite management and personnel and is equipped with the most modern machinery, tools and plants for execution of the transmission work to ensure quality product to the customers. All the necessary items of machinery, tools and plant are available with PPCL to take up works of transmission lines at any point of time.

The annual turnover has increased from 280 to 5333 Thousand US $ and Profits from 18000 to 228000 US $.

PPCL have Strung 1250 Circuit KM of lines, out of which 570 C.K.M is in Voltage class 220/400 KV We have strung Conductor and OPGW approx. 500 Km's with one circuit live at 110/220 KV level.

PPCL has acquired tremendous experience of tackling diverse vagaries of nature successfully by working in diverse terrains of India which interalia include Himalayas in North, Western Ghats (Hilly area) in Maharashtra, Kutch (Sea shore) in Gujarat, Plains of Orissa, Karnataka and Central India, Deserts of Rajasthan, Metros of Bombay and Delhi, and creek crossings of Arabian Sea.

The feather in the cap has been the successful execution of 132 KV Gelephu- Nanglam T/L. This is a Hilly line and has road connections at 3 places only and is infested with wild life and Insurgents. The complete line material has been head loaded and carried to the locations. The Headloading was for approximate average of 40 K.M.'s length. We have deployed a strong force of 6000 labour on this line and have completed this work within 1 year.

The organization has always believed and performed to the best of its abilities and kept the motto of
Fully equipped with latest plant & Machinery, tools & tackles, PPCL is geared to tackle all works of transmission, tower Erection, Stringing and Commissioning etc.